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D868UV firmware update V1.27 and V2.27


D868UV firmware update V1.27 and V2.27


D868UV firmware update V1.27 and V2.27


V1.27 and V2.27 Improvements (dated 2018-4-6)
1. Add Ranging function
a) CPS>Optional Setting>Key function, it will allow you assign a key for Ranging. It will require the other radio make a call to you firstly, then the radio will know who is calling, at this situation, press the assigned ranging key, it will then display the distance information of the two radios.
b) CPS>Optional Setting>Digital Fun>Ranging Intervals, set up the intervals in CPS firstly. In radio menu, Contact> Dial, input an ID, then it will allow you turn on the ranging function and the radio will display the caller direction and distance at regular intervals.
Note: The ranging function is only valid when the GPS positioning is successfully at both receiving and transmitting radios.
Add Friends List
CPS> Digital>Friends List, it will allow you have a friends list, whenever your friends transmit in the TG, your radio gives a tone alert as soon as they key up.
3. Add Current Contact Display
CPS>Optional Setting>Digital Fun>Current Contact Display, when this function is on, the radio will display the channel name/ frequency and contact name in turns.
Since the Ranging function change icons, please do the Icon Update after you do the FW update.


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