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D868UV firmware V1.30andV2.30


D868UV firmware V1.30andV2.30


D868UV firmware V1.30andV2.30

V1.30and V2.30 Improvements(dated 2018-6-25) 1.Resolved the issue that when auto repeater is on, it will be off after the radio is power off and re-poweron. 2.ResolvedtheissuethatwhensetupthePF2longpresstoscan,itcannotstartthescannormally. 3.Resolvedtheissuethatwheninrepeatermode,sometimesnoRSSIandgreenlightwhenrelease thePTTkey. 4.Addtheslotswitchfunctioninkeyfunction 5.Add the auto repeater range, the auto repeater will be auto on within the range, auto off out of therange. 6.SeparatetheautorepeatersetupforAchannelandBchannel. 7.Inradio->MainMenu->CallLog->[4]LastCall,add30lastcalllist 8.RenametheSCTVerFWindeviceinformationtobeSCT3258Ver 9.In CPS->Digital->FriendsList,changetheRepeaternumbertobeCallSign,alsochangethesearch tobenoncasesensitivity. 10. In CPS->optional setting->Other->Address Book Sent With Its Own Code, allow to on or off. It meets the requirement: When I do select “12345” from the address book, the TX-Radio transmitts “12345*262”.Asecho-linkdoesnotuseradio-IDs,appending”*262″willcauseanerror. Thequestionis,howtoswitchoffthe”*262″inthisexample. 11.changeblackfontinmenubaronhomescreentowhite


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