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D868UV firmwareupdateV1.31andV2.31

D868UV firmwareupdateV1.31andV2.31


D868UV firmwareupdateV1.31andV2.31

V1.31and V2.31 Improvements(dated 2018-7-14) 1. In CPS->OptionalSetting->Power-on, add theDefault StartupChannel and zone,it will allow you choose a startup channel, every time when you power on the radio, you will be at the start up channel. 2. Menu->Settings->Chan Set, add Select Contact, allow to choose a Contact and save the changes tochannel. 3.Allowcreateanewchannelonradioordeleteanexistingchannel.Operationasbelow. Create a new channel: Hold pressing MENU key,until the LCD display“Next Please Press Dial Key”, pressP1key,theradiowillenterintonewchannelsetup. Delete an existing channel: Turn to the channel firstly, hold pressing MENU key, until the LCD display“NextPleasePressDialKey”,pressP2key,theradiowillallowdeletingthechannel.



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