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FDP 80CH 5W UHF Handheld CB


FDP 80CH 5W UHF Handheld CB
with UHF Scanner (400-480Mhz Receive VFO), User Programmable RX Channels and a built-in FM Radio.

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Product Description

FDP 80CH 5W UHF Handheld CB

with UHF Scanner (400-480Mhz Receive VFO), User Programmable RX Channels and a built-in FM Radio.

Feature rich, competitively priced and especially developed to Australian

Standards. Type approved for UHF CB.



Channels 1 – 80 UHF CB TX/RX

16 Duplex Channels and alpha tagged for Repeater access

Channel Mode (CB) and VFO Mode (UHF Scanner)

UHF Scanner – VFO Receive from 400 – 480Mhz

28 Receive Only Memory Channels for favourite frequencies from VFO (User Programmable)

Built-in FM Radio receiver (87 – 108 Mhz)

Hi/Lo Power Select (1W – 5W)

High Capacity 1500mAh Li-ion Battery – gives up to 15hrs Standby Time at default setting.

Adjustable Squelch Levels: 0 – 9

Channel and VFO Frequency Scan Ability

Key Pad Lock/Unlock

CTCSS/DCS Function (Distributor Programmable)

Battery Save feature available (Distributor Programmable) – gives up to 50hrs Standby Time.

IP54 Ingress Protection against dust and water (Splash and Shower Proof)

Comes with: Transceiver, Antenna, 1500mAh Li-on Battery Pack, Desk Top Charging Cradle, Belt Clip, 12V Car Charger, 240/11.5V Wall Adapter and Manual.

Host of optional accessories available and spares.

Receives wideband and narrowband transmissions equally well.  Our handheld radios have one of the most clearest and crisp audios on transmit and receive available.

The VFO receive mode allows the radio to operate like a UHF Scanner, which the user can then store these favourite receive only frequencies in channel mode (CB).  This radio is like a CB and Scanner in one.

Very popular with motorists on the highway who want traffic reports and talk to the truckies or each other, but dont want to mount external antennas or drill holes in their dashboard or firewall.

What we are finding is that people are using the Range Extender Antenna and the Speaker Mike attached to the radio, then putting the radio into a stubby cooler, and then putting the stubby cooler in the cars drinks holder.  This becomes their in-car radio set up.  Very clever, had to laugh, but it works well!

12 months warranty.

ebay supplied accessories


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